Who We Are

Proudly serving our members since 1912

Colton Telephone Company dba COLTONTEL was established in 1912 and continues to provide advanced communications to our members at affordable rates.  Our service territory is 62 square miles and is 100% fiber to every home.  We work diligently to invest in the future by deploying the most advanced communications infrastructure and we work hard every day to deliver these services to our members.  We believe that our investment in rural communications is critical to enhancing and sustaining our rural community.  That’s because our investment goes deeper than just innovation and technology, it is the ongoing investment in our members and our community.  Our steadfast commitment to serving our rural community we call home is what makes us the trusted provider.

COLTONTEL is a cooperative and, as a member, you earn patronage based on the services you have with us.   As a non-profit organization, COLTONTEL seeks to provide our members with the highest quality service at the most affordable rates.  It is not always possible however, to establish rates that ensure that the money collected by COLTONTEL exactly equals money spent.  Revenues earned above operating expenses are called margins.  At the end of the year, COLTONTEL allocates a percentage of that year’s margins to each member.  These allocations are on a pro-rated basis and based on the services you subscribe to.  These allocations are referred to as capital credits.  You earn capital credits each year and the Board of Directors determines when these are paid out.

Our members are our biggest asset and our mission is to provide you with the quality service you expect and deserve.    We welcome your feedback at any time.  You can contact us at the business office located at 20983 S Highway 211 during office hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. weekdays except holidays or email us at customercare@colton.com anytime.

We appreciate the opportunity to continue serving you !!!

Cooperative Achievements

  • 1912 Cooperative was founded
  • 1955 Installed Dial System
  • 1960 Mobile Radio & Pager System Installed
  • 1976 Analog Telephone Switch Installed
  • 1979 Digital Telephone Switch Installed
  • 1991 Providing Cable TV to our customers
  • 1998 Providing High Speed DSL
  • 2011 Began installing Fiber To The Home for our customers
  • 2016 Availability @ 100% / Fiber to our customers
  • 2018 Broadband Only Available


Board Of Directors

Kelly Stephens
Nina Baurer
Vice President
Grant Stanbro
David Wales
Pete Dostert
Jeremy Fraijo
David Lyons


Geri Fraijo
General Manager
Marlene Muhs
Cust Care Supv/Exec Asst
Stephanie Sauvageau
Teresa Kincaid
Customer Service Rep
Dave Conditt
Information Systems Manager
Nita Callahan
CO/ISP Technician
Doug Frogner
OSP Technician
David Sandberg
OSP Technician
Jason Niwa
Customer Service Rep