Questions and Answers about Extended Area Services (EAS)


Q: What is EAS?
A: EAS stands for “Extended Area Service” This is a program or service which increases the number of communities that you can call without being charged long distance.

Q: Do I have to have EAS?
A: EAS is not an option but you do have a choice in deciding which EAS calling plan you choose. Everyone served by Colton Telephone & Cable TV has EAS but you have a choice as to how you pay for your particular EAS service.

Q: Where is my EAS calling area?
A: It covers most of the Portland Metro area as well as communites attached to Colton. For a complete description of the Colton EAS map see above.

Q: What are the EAS calling plan choices?
A: You have two choices of EAS Calling Plans. You can have either a “Measured Rate” plan or the “Flat Rate” plan.

Q: What are the differences between the “Measured Rate” plan and the “Flat Rate” plan?
A: The “Measured Rate” plan works similar to your standard long distance service. Anytime you call someone within the EAS area you are charged at .08 cents per minute. Therefore if you make 10 minutes of calls during the month to the EAS area your monthly cost would amount to .80 cents. However if you made 300 minutes of calls during the month to the EAS area your monthly cost would be $24.00. Also with the “Measured Rate” plan you will receive an itemized call list on your monthly statement.

The “Flat Rate” EAS plan is just that. You are charged a single flat rate each month, currently $21.35, which allows you unlimited calling minutes to the EAS area. No matter how many minutes you actually use every month, whether it is 8 minutes or 1,000 minutes your monthly cost will always be $21.35.

Q: How do I know which calling plan I should choose?
A: To determine which EAS calling plan is best, you must first know what your calling pattern is for the EAS area. On a monthly basis, if you generally have very few minutes of calls to the EAS area, then the Measured Rate (.08 cents per minute) may be your best choice. However, if you have a large number of calls to these areas, then the Flat Rate plan ($21.35 per month) may be better for you. Below is detailed information on how the two calling plans work and should help you with your decision.

Which plan is right for you? This depends on the average number of minutes you call within these areas. At .08 cents per minute (the “Measured Rate” plan) you can call these areas and talk for up to 266 minutes and your cost would still be less than the “Flat Rate” plan. If you talk for more than 266 minutes per month then the Flat EAS Rate plan will save you money. Essentially, the break-even point is 266 minutes. If you average more than 266 minutes of calls into the EAS area then the “Flat Rate” plan will probably work in your favor. If you average less than 266 minutes of EAS calls per month then the “Measured Rate” plan should work in your favor. However, to be sure of which plan will benefit you most you should look at your calling patterns over the last six months and make your own determination as to which plan would work best for you.

We trust the above information has helped you make your decision and that your call analysis will confirm your choice or illustrate the benefits of an alternate plan. Please feel free to call our business office at 503-824-3211 if you have any further questions.

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