COLTONTEL Joins FCC Pledge to Keep Members Connected During COVID-19 Crisis

COLTONTEL is joining with the FCC’s “Keep Americans Connected Pledge” to ensure our members can stay connected during this COVID-19 crisis.

To make certain that our members have access to the tools they need to navigate this crisis, COLTONTEL will not terminate internet service or apply late fees for any accounts that go past due during the next 60 days. Also, access to public Wi-Fi hotspots will be opened.

As the novel coronavirus disrupts our daily routines, many are turning to the internet for solutions. Businesses are allowing employees to telework, schools are trying out new distance learning tools, and doctors are relying on telehealth to care for some patients remotely. All of those services are made possible by high-speed broadband connections.

“This current health crisis underscores the importance of broadband in our lives, and we understand that so many of our members will be relying on our services now more than ever,” says Geri Fraijo. “They need access to high-speed internet. Whether they are working or learning from home, or if they simply need to communicate with family and loved ones, COLTONTEL wants to make sure they have the tools they need.”

Any members needing assistance with their account should call COLTONTEL at 503-824-3211.

Access to broadband is becoming more important than ever, and fiber broadband is the fastest, most reliable and most advanced internet technology available. Our construction crews continue working to increase access to this life-changing technology, with the goal of providing a fiber optic internet connection to everyone in our service area.

Visit for continuing updates on COLTONTEL’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.