See PDF documents below for 2023 Scholarships:

Scholarship Program Guidelines
2023 Scholarship Fund Application Packet
In 2023 FRS will award scholarships in each geographic
region of the NTCA membership. For each FRS general
scholarship, FRS provides $2,000 and the sponsoring NTCA
member company provides $500.
In additional to the FRS general scholarships, FRS has the
following named scholarships*
• Diana Jo Dryer Memorial Scholarship – Sponsored by
INDATEL Services
• Everett Kneece Scholarship
• Sarah Tyree Good Neighbor Scholarship
• Herbert and Isabel Bitz Memorial Scholarship
• JSI Scholarships
• TMS Scholarships
• Roger Cox Memorial Scholarship
*Submitting one application is sufficient for eligibility of all available scholarships.
COLTONTEL maintains a scholarship fund for the benefit of its members and families. The
purpose of which is to recognize and provide financial assistance to college or
trade/technical school students pursuing an education in any degree program of study.
There are a total of THREE (3) scholarships available:
1) Eileen Wallace Hayes Memorial
2) Bev Rice Memorial
3) Larry Benthin Scholarship
This scholarship fund is subject to the following rules and regulations: