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How can I add Internet (Wi-Fi) to a SHOP, BARN, OUTBUILDING, GARAGE on my property?
John Doe
Colton, OR

Your home Wi-Fi typically won’t reach beyond the walls of your home. Glass is a Wi-Fi killer as are any metal sided buildings. But you can get Wi-Fi to remote locations at a reasonable cost. If it’s within 100 meters (300 feet) CAT5/6 can be used to run to the building and then use a AP (Access Point) to provide Wi-Fi within the building. The CAT5/6 wire (also called ethernet) would connect ONE end to your router in your house and the other end to the AP. If wire is not an option and you have line of sight (no trees, obstacles in the way) you can to use Wi-Fi to get it there but a different Wi-Fi device then what you are used to. A Wireless Point to Point setup would be used in place of the wire. You can think of this as a flashlight where there is a beam of Wi-Fi to the far location. You would put one end outside on the side of your house connected to the router and the other end outside at the far building. When purchasing a Wireless Point to Point setup, look for features such as POE (Power Over Ethernet) this allows the units to draw power from the Ethernet line, which means you won’t need power outside for each unit. Ultimately it looks something like this:

Follow up question: Why use an AP at the far end and not another router? 

Because the AP would allow the Access any devices in the house and vice-versa. IE: Camera in the Barn/Shop or a Printer in the house would be the most common. 


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