New Webmail is here. New look and feel. Our old Webmail system had served us well and been in place for 10+ years. However it has not been maintained by the open-source community since 2013 and no longer had any active development. It needed to be replaced as it was missing some key encoding types. So it has been replaced with RoundCube. We have loaded a template to give the look and feel of a Microsoft product. Hopefully you will enjoy this new product. You have full control to change the template as well as colors to suit your individual tastes.

Click this icon  to access your webmail which is located at the top of our web page.

The new Webmail will have all of your existing mail, however address books have not been exported. if you need access to the old webmail please click here.

We can assist you in exporting your address book from the old webmail to the new. Please contact us for help.