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High-Performance Wi-Fi and so much more

The Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience You Deserve Fast, reliable home Wi-Fi—it’s what we all want, especially with the popularity of bandwidth-hungry applications, like streaming HD video. But in today’s increasingly complicated smart homes, speed and coverage are just the beginning. If you want the best experience for all your online activities, you need more simplicity and more control at your fingertips.

Why shouldn’t your home Wi-Fi be all this and more?

Taking performance and control to another level The BLAST u12 is a next-generation Wi-Fi system. Leveraging the latest advancements in Wi-Fi technology, including Wi-Fi 6 (also known as the 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard), it combines blazing-fast speeds with whole-home coverage to give you an unrivaled online experience. Whether you’re streaming HD video on multiple devices simultaneously, uploading a big presentation for work, or gaming online with friends, the BLAST u12 has got you covered.

Blazing Speeds And Whole-Home Coverage

With Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds, the BLAST u12 provides more than enough bandwidth for everyone in your household. And no matter how many devices are connected at the same time, everyone enjoys the same outstanding Wi-Fi performance. Based on Wi-Fi 6, the BLAST u12 provides longer range, higher efficiency, and is less affected by interference from other nearby Wi-Fi gateways. The BLAST u12 has a Gigabit Ethernet port so you can also connect a variety of wired multimedia devices for rapid data sharing across
your network.

The Latest Technology. The Best Performance.

Not all Wi-Fi is created equal. The BLAST u12 provides the best Wi-Fi available and adds exciting new features to help you manage your smart home with ease.

Wi-Fi 6

The most advanced Wi-Fi standard yet, it’s faster and optimized for performance in today’s busy smart home environments.

Dual band support

Dual band support means that the BLAST u12 lets you take advantage of all the capabilities of Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) using both
the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. With 8×8 at 5 GHz and 4×4 at 2.4 GHz, BLAST u12 is the most powerful dual band Wi-Fi device in
the industry.

The CommandIQ App

The ultimate Wi-Fi deserves the ultimate app. Take control of your home with CommandIQ. Utilize the App to view connected devices on your network, set basic parental controls, set up a guest network, or adjust your SSID and password.